Our mission

Our goal is to create a built environment that is both functional and beautiful. 

BRADBURY ARCHITECTURE has been working actively in residential, institutional and commercial design for more than 20 years.

Our principal, architect Robert Bradbury, is recognized for his innovation and his practical experience, especially in areas of healthcare and multi-family as well as single-family housing. We have won a number of awards for architectural design, heritage renovation and sustainability.

Bradbury Architecture has worked on projects in Canada, USA, Japan, China, Venezuela and Colombia and enjoys the challenges that different sites, cultures and methods of construction bring to each project.

Bradbury Architecture is registered with the Architectural Institute of British Columbia and carries Professional Liability Insurance through BFL Canada.


Our team consists of experienced individuals who develop the projects starting with a sketch and following it up to complete implementation of intended ideas.

Meet The Team

Robert Bradbury

Architect AIBC – Principal

Benjamin van nostrand


Ismael Abreu

Interior Designer

isabel gonzalo

Executive Assistant 

emile brochu


annie sheehan


Amita kulkarni


FOUNding Principles

environmental sustainability

The design of more sustainable buildings starts at the concept stage with building orientation and massing. We evaluate new products, assemblies and systems for their environmental standards and their life-cycle costs as for aesthetic and technical merits. Re-evaluating the way we build reduces waste and created structures that can be adapted and re-used.

Innovative design

At Bradbury Architecture we strive for mindful innovation, introducing design aesthetics that haven’t been seen before while ensuring balance with the project’s site and context. We believe in working with terrain rather than against it, and in experimentation with novel forms and materials, in order to celebrate a project’s unique position in time and space.

community involvement

Bradbury Architecture is active in the community and in local environmental groups. We support charities both locally and internationally by donating money and time. Recently we helped to design a school in a low-income mountainous area in Colombia.


Bradbury Architecture provides professional design and consulting services in architectural design, planning, interior design and landscape layout. We have experience in residential, commercial and institutional projects.

We are committed to supporting our clients at each stage of the project process from initial conceptual design, programming and feasibility through to project completion.

We also offer the following specialized services on a fixed fee or hourly service:

Space planning
Facilities review and programming
Rezoning applications
Board of Variance applications
Development Permit /Development Variance Permit applications
Advisory Design Panel presentations
Neighborhood meetings
Building envelope consultations
Technical reports


methodology – 7 steps

  1. Initial Pre-Contract Meeting: This is used to assess the scope of work and gather background information about the project and the client’s needs. This also gives the client an opportunity to learn more about our firm and the services we offer
  2. Written Proposal: the architect sends the client a written proposal outlining the scope, services and fee structure based on the pre-contract meeting
  3. Standard Architectural Contract: both parties sign an architectural contract. (Document 8) based on the agreed terms of service. Preliminary project scheduling is outlined. Normally a retainer is paid at this time.
  4. Schematic Design Stage: we explore the best possible layout and establish the overall look and feel for the project.
  5. Design Development Stage: this is when we refine the design and make adjustments based on the client’s input
  6. Construction Documents Phase: we finalize construction details and specify finishes and fittings. We guide the client through the process required to obtain building permits.
  7. Construction Phase: during this phase the architect carries out field reviews to confirm substantial conformity to the contract documents, coordinates reviews by engineers, and monitors progress of the construction contract. The architect also documents changes requested by the client or, in the case of renovations, additional work required as a result of unforeseen issues.



Bradbury Architecture provides professional design and consulting services in architectural design, planning, interior design and landscape layout. We have experience in residential, commercial and institutional projects.

All architects in BC are licensed to practice by the Architectural Institute of British Columbia (AIBC). www.aibc.ca

The AIBC Tariff of Fees recommends a minimum percentage range of fees that is matched to project type/size per a scope of services. The tariff also outlines a payment schedule based on phases of work. “Published fee levels are based on historical evidence and current research as to fair value and what is typically necessary to support proper professional service in the public interest.“ AIBC Tariff of Fees

Our fees are based on a percentage, on hourly rates, on a calculated fixed fee or on a combination of these – this depends on what makes sense for the project, since each has particular elements that affect the appropriate scope of service. Our proposal and signed contract will clearly state the scope of these services and the appropriate fees.

Sometimes during a project, the client wishes to expand the scope of services. In this case we provide a written proposal amendment and we sign a revised contract.