Methodology – 7 Steps

(1) Initial Pre-Contract Meeting: This is used to assess the scope of work and gather background information about the project and the client’s needs. This also gives the client an opportunity to learn more about our firm and the services we offer

(2) Written Proposal: the architect sends the client a written proposal outlining the scope, services and fee structure based on the pre-contract meeting

(3) Standard Architectural Contract: both parties sign an architectural contract. (Document 8) based on the agreed terms of service. Preliminary project scheduling is outlined. Normally a retainer is paid at this time.

(4) Schematic design stage: we explore the best possible layout and establish the overall look and feel for the project.

(5) Design development stage: this is when we refine the design and make adjustments based on the client’s input

(6) Construction documents phase: we finalize construction details and specify finishes and fittings. We guide the client through the process required to obtain building permits.

(7) Construction Phase: during this phase the architect carries out field reviews to confirm substantial conformity to the contract documents, coordinates reviews by engineers, and monitors progress of the construction contract. The architect also documents changes requested by the client or, in the case of renovations, additional work required as a result of unforeseen issues.