All architects in BC are licensed to practice by the Architectural Institute of British Columbia (AIBC). www.aibc.ca

The AIBC Tariff of Fees recommends a minimum percentage range of fees that is matched to project type/size per a scope of services. The tariff also outlines a payment schedule based on phases of work. “Published fee levels are based on historical evidence and current research as to fair value and what is typically necessary to support proper professional service in the public interest.“ AIBC Tariff of Fees

Our fees are based on a percentage, on hourly rates, on a calculated fixed fee or on a combination of these – this depends on what makes sense for the project, since each has particular elements that affect the appropriate scope of service. Our proposal and signed contract will clearly state the scope of these services and the appropriate fees.

Sometimes during a project, the client wishes to expand the scope of services. In this case we provide a written proposal amendment and we sign a revised contract.