Residential Single Family

Bradbury Architecture has been designing new homes and renovations for more than 20 years. We have won a number of Awards for architectural design, heritage restoration and sustainability. We are enthusiastic as well as experienced and we give every project, large or small, our full personal attention. Our goal is always to create homes that are both livable and beautiful. When we work on renovations or additions, we respect the style of the original building while upgrading for better function, greater comfort and more efficient technical performance.

Your project is unique. At Bradbury Architecture, we listen carefully until we fully understand your dreams, your needs, your time frame and your budget. We work with you each step of the way from initial architectural concept to project completion. We coordinate with structural engineers and other consultants. We guide you through the tricky process of permit applications and meet with Municipal staff on your behalf. Bradbury Architecture also offers you services in site planning, interior design and landscape layout.

Our approach to designing your house starts with understanding your unique needs, time frame and budget. We bring to your project, our experience, enthusiasm and personal attention.

Bradbury Architecture is there each step of the way from initial concept to project completion to make your house dreams a reality. Our goal is to create beautiful and livable spaces.

We offer a range of services to meet your needs from site planning, building design and interiors. We coordinate the structural engineer and meet with Municipal staff to assist with permit applications.

The goal of our renovations and additions is to reflect the style of the original building while enhancing the livability and upgrading the technical performance towards a greater comfort and sustainability.